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Wherever Children Cry for Food, Our Heart is There...and Our Help is on Its Way


Donations and prayers from supporters and friends like you have saved the lives of many throughout the world.


Friends, we could not do what we do without you. Please consider continuing your support to International Children’s Fund and we promise to use your donation to clothe the naked, feed the hungry and preach the gospel. Please know that your support is making a real difference!


- David Bruenning, Founder/International Director, International Children’s Fund


P.S. Don’t forget—you can double or even triple your gift to International Children’s Fund if the company you work for matches employees’ charitable giving.



Active Projects That Need Your Support

The Grey

Universal Children's Day

Every three seconds the world loses a child.

Again, this year many children will not see their fifth birthday. The reasons for this tragedy are diverse; hunger, malnutrition, dirty water or the absence of vaccine protection.



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International Children's Fund 2015 Report

2015 was a wonderful year for our partners in Africa and Haiti through International Children's Fund and we want to thank you for making that possible.  

During 2015, ICF supplied more than $48 million of life-saving food, clothing and medicine to seven missions in three African countries.  This would not have been possible without your help!


Please follow the link below to read more!



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Mission Updates


Gifts from the Heart

A shoe box.  Once it held a new pair of shoes, perhaps a pair of shoes that gave their new owner self-confidence, or an athlete a sought after boost for an upcoming competition, or shoes that walked their first day to school.  A new pair of shoes can offer so much hope for what is to come.

Now, imagine that same shoe box being received by another – with just as much pride, excitement and hope!  Inside this re-purposed shoe box isn’t a pair of shoes, but something much more coveted.  Inside this shoebox is God’s work!  It’s a message to the receiver that they are not forgotten and they are loved.

We need your help to share God’s love in West Africa this holiday season.  What can you do to give the gift of God’s work, to bring a smile to someone’s face that doesn’t often have much to smile about?


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Highly Rated


A leading watchdog for charities worldwide gives International Children's Fund it's highest rating for financial health. View their independent online report.  

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Where We Work


Where We Work Map
International Children’s Fund mission projects benefit local communities across Africa. Click Here to start exploring!


Good Stewardship


Stewardship Pie Chart Super cost efficiency is a hallmark of ICF's work, with less than 2% going to administrative expenses. It's all due to our unique approach to serving the world's neediest children.

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