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THANK YOU for donations and prayers for
you have saved the lives of many throughout the world.


International Children’s Fund has worked with our partner Peterson in Uganda. Peterson gave us an update as to what is being done for the children and the community at this time of Christmas. While you sit around with your children, grandchildren, or watch Christmas plays put on, by the young ones, at your local church this Christmas -- PLEASE, remember these little ones that you have helped. And, because of your faithful giving ... we will be able to help them and MANY MORE! 

Here is what Peterson has to say, in his own words: During Christmas, world over, it's a time to celebrate, when families come together, eat and Share gifts. That's the time you come to see someone you last saw years back in your family. 


This not the case for most children in the villages that we work in, they live a normal life, like … No Breakfast and No families coming together. No one gives them a Simple Christmas card or gifts. They have nothing to eat that special Day! For the fact that many have lost their parents, some live on their own, young as they are, and have been sharing their stories here.


These young children don't know the meaning of Christmas! "Many of whom living with helpless grandmothers" in their prime years. Never had Someone show them that they are Loved, that they are Special! For many of them have no mother or father, some living on their own!


So now -- ICF we will be There all next week to Share the "Love of Christ, for this is a Season of Love." JOHN 3:16 "the Bible Says for God loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."


God loves us, that's what we Celebrate -- the
love of God through Jesus. 


Among the activities, we have books for children, gift boxes, Share hugs and more hugs!. ALSO, the children will receive Bags, note books, Pens and Pencils for school. 


What's in the "Christmas gift Boxes". There will be toothbrushes, toothpaste, Dolls, Christmas cards from ICF, so much we will be doing for these Children. And Everyone will have a Box well decorated with an ICF Logo.


That Day and week Through, I will be Delivering gifts, like “Father Christmas". ALSO will be continuing with the eradication Campaign. This will go through even next year till we are rid of the Jiggers. Not forgetting Feeding The Children on good food, this Season of JOY. 


The fact is they have never received a Christmas card, or even used a toothbrush, leave alone putting on shoes. These will be their first shoes! In these areas, we have to tell why we brush, how to brush their teeth and the same for shoes. 

There is So much to do through next week until Christmas and we will be on ground to Serve the communities and the Children.  

International Children's Fund (ICF) reaches needy communities, children across Africa with essential medicines, clean water, education, Food among others to enable the children of Africa have a future that the LORD intends for them hence the general growth of their different communities! 

There is a huge difference in these areas around Africa uncountable lives saved from malnutrition, malaria, hunger, ignorance through education.  

Donations from friends keep this noble work going, thank you everyone.












Update regarding

"Gift from the Heart"

SHOE BOX Program


Gifts from the Heart

We are sorry to report that due to high duties in Africa the cost of sending the shoe boxes to our partners is not prudent. If you have planned to prepare a shoe box, please consider making a financial donation as we will be purchasing supplies locally for the children to use. It is actually cheaper for us to purchase the supplies in country than to pay the cost

of shipping and duties. 


We want to thank you for the gifts you prepared in past years. We will be able to provide more gifts for more children as we have already received a donation of $500.00 to buy gifts locally.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Buying locally helps the local economy and avoids the high cost of shipping and duties.


If you still desiring to supply shoe boxes there are several ministries that accept shoe boxes. Here is a ministry for your convenience:

North Central WI Operation Christmas Child 

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A leading watchdog for charities worldwide gives International Children's Fund it's highest rating for financial health. View their independent online report.  

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